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This website is my photographic portfolio. I’ve classified the photographs into galleries grouped around a particular time period, subject or technique etc.
You can order photographs from the shop and choose how you want to receive them. I sell my pictures as high resolution prints on canvas or photographic paper, with the precise dimensions as shown on the photograph’s page. Each photograph is numbered and personally signed by me, and I sell a maximum of 10 (ten) copies of each photograph. “In stock” on the photograph’s page shows how many copies are still available to be bought.
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Your prints will be delivered rolled up in a postal tube, protected against mechanical damage and posted as a recorded package. The photographs are sent up to 5 working days from the date your payment is registered in my bank account. All prices are inclusive tax and shipping costs.
If you’ve found photographs in the galleries you’d like to buy, but on my Shop’s sites it does not, write or call me and I’ll put them into the shop.
I suggest you have the photographs professionally mounted or framed (see examples below) and then put them up in a special place in your home or office.

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Jacek Przybylowski

Solitude is a hunger that sharpens the senses. It’s hard to think about making art without solitude, because creativity saves us from being lonely.

True solitude once and definitively chosen – rewards.

Art is proof that something other than nothingness exists.

Anywhere, Anywhere out of The world.
The Bridge of Sighs, Thomas Hood (1799-1845)

Nothing can replace the intuition.
Paul Klee


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photographic paper visualisation