My portfolio is the result of almost 30 years of artistic activity – although I began to take photographs much earlier. It’s a kind of summary of my artistic path and what I’ve been doing up until today.

The beginning was negatives and the photographic darkroom; today it’s digital and Photoshop, but I remained a photographer of the old school, where a photograph is created during the pressing of the shutter, and the entire surface of light-sensitive material is the frame. I don’t use any effects or manipulation apart from correcting contrast, lightening or darkening the photograph and colour saturation.

The entire effect, dynamic, expression, and blurring of details come about as a result of working with the camera during the process of taking a photograph.

The beginning of the 21st century was a great change for me. Digital photography appeared in my life. I treated it with mistrust initially. I had always worked in black and white and the change of values to colour demanded a change in the way I looked. ‘The further into the forest, the more trees there are’. I started using a digital camera more and more often, until in 2006 I totally put aside photography using film and settled in for good in a space full of colour and tones.

Painting has probably had the greatest influence on my way of perceiving reality. Visits to museums and looking at paintings from various eras and schools remain one of my favourite activities. It was painting that made me realise that I’d like to have the chance to influence the image of my photographs. I searched for many years for a way to find it and the solution was actually very close.

I took photographs using movements of the camera at the beginning of the 1990s. Two of them have survived. In some of my jazz portraits I used a longer exposure time in order to achieve expression and the photographs of bullfighting gave that development in my photography a new framework. It was enough to use a longer exposure time and movements of the camera to obtain the effect I had been searching for. When I talk about painting I can’t forget music, which has been with me from the early years of my life and became – apart from oxygen – the most important sustenance in my life, which generates emotion, lets me disconnect from my earthly existence and allows me to forget about my cares and worries.
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Jacek Przybylowski

Photographer, Thinker, Dj. Lives Images and Music in Teguise on Canary Islands.

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